Saturday, August 31, 2013

Episode 1: A New Yorker goes to Copenhagen.

Guys. AMAZING first day. I learned a few things. 1. Bikes in Copenhagen are to women as purses are to New York women. You actually carry your bike wherever you go. This proved interesting while I was super jet-lagged, schlepping around the city. 2. Taxis are scarce (for those of you who know me, this gal loves a taxi). 3. Food is amazing. 4. Everyone is SO stylish, and they look like they did absolutely nothing to get that way (effortless is so in).

Now…introducing…my first 14 Days of Fashion post (eee!). I chose a simple and comfortable outfit to accompany my jet-lag. Jeans (Target), top (ASOS), jacket (H&M), necklace (Betsey Johnson), boots (Bullboxer-DK).

Check it out below! As well as a shot of us in action today.

Until tomorrow,

xx sjb



A New Yorker goes to Copenhagen: “Wait, where are the taxis?”

Here we are! Episode one of A New Yorker goes to Copenhagen: “Wait, where are the taxis?”

Friday, August 30, 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ver(il)y happy.

So before I venture off and celebrate Euro fashion, wanted to share some very exciting news! I had the honor of working with the amazing Verily magazine, as one of their “Runway to Realway” models. Here’s a sneak peek, but be sure to check out the print issue coming to a store near you this October!


Good Thinks moustache t shirt, $53 / Leather jacket, $455 / Paige Denim blue jeans, $350 / J.Crew j crew shoes / Fendi tote bag / H&M ring, $6.17 / DANNIJO earrings

14 days of fashion.

Mes amis. I will be departing for Europe tomorrow and as such, I will be charting my journey in photos… mainly of the fashion variety. I will (pending le wifi) post daily on my outfits while abroad. I’m titling this feature “14 days of fashion.” See you soon! xx bisous

I’m going to Europe tomorrow! Meaning lots of #CarmenSanDiego hats.


Dear friends, I am launching this blog as I create myself while living and working in New York City. I will write as I’m learning about myself through the people I meet, through traveling the world, and as I chase my dreams of becoming a fashion model. I will chart my journey here, so follow along for fun (and real life!) fashion, lots of laughs, and a real updates from a gal who believes every day is a chance to be amazing. Cheers xx.