Look Book

Photos by Martim Thomaz 
Photo by Mia Heckendorf 
Shot by Martim Thomaz for Verily Magazine, 2014
For Verily Magazine, 2014
For Verily Magazine, 2013 

Photography by Brandi Whitlock (c) 2014
For David Gwynn Photography (c) 2013
For Zico Coconut Water (c) 2013 
For David Gwynn Photography (c) 2013 
Verily Magazine, Nov/Dec Issue (c) 2013
Photography by Jo Beth Stoddard (c) 2013

Courtesy & Disclosure 
All content, photos and graphics on this blog are created solely for the Just Sara Jane blog unless otherwise noted. I ask that you do not copy content without permission. ANY USE OF IMAGES MUST BE PROPERLY LINKED BACK TO THIS SITE. (c) Sara Baker, Just Sara Jane, 2014. 

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