Sunday, September 1, 2013

So you guys. I learned a few new things today. First and foremost, when it rains, shoe shop. 

1. It rains pretty much every time you decide to get on your bike (which is just about every hour). But that’s ok, because it’s somewhat cathartic to be riding through the rain. Rather cleansing.

2. The human body is capable of staying up for 35ish hours and having the BEST time ever (I really did it, who would’ve thought?). 

3. The Danish actually make the best nachos ever (you are probably as surprised as I was). Today, E and I biked around, through rain and shine, and enjoyed nachos at good company at Cafe Norden, a super chic cafe in the city center. Then the rain started again, so we escaped indoors and did — what else — shoe shopping! 

Am feeling so lucky, as I continue to have a blast. Am excited to see E’s dance classes tomorrow, and journey around on my bike by myself (will keep you informed on how that goes…). 

xx sjb 

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