Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Prints Charming.

Shirt: Romeo & Juliet // Jeans: Target // Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Hat: Similar, Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Tamaris
I'm a big fan of mixing patterns. Here's a quick remixing of patterns I styled for weekend brunch. 

I try to stick to a few simple rules when mixing prints. 

1. Treat some prints as solids. For example, these polka-dotted jeans I used as a solid. Because the dots are light enough, the eye views these pants as a solid light jean (before closer inspection). Usually the best prints to treat as solids are a light polka dot or stripes. If it's an understated or lighter pattern, it will work better when pairing it with a bolder print (here, the leopard shirt). 

2. Include neutrals somewhere in the outfit. Here, I wore plain black booties, and a black handbag. Incorporating neutrals help to draw attention to the prints in the way you want. 

3. Don't match too much. Try and avoid going with polka dots from head to toe, or stripes (think Robin Thicke at the VMA's). It's okay to repeat the pattern in different parts of the outfit, but repeat on a scale (for example - polka pants, and maybe a smaller polka dotted clutch, as an accent). 

p.s. Thank you to my beautiful sister, Katie, for taking these shots, and for being an inspiration.