Friday, January 31, 2014

The human sleeping bag.

This post is a quick teaser to say - YAY! I am thrilled to share with you all that I will be a regular contributor to bSmart, an incredible site that links women to live smart (and in the case of my first article, warm). My breakout piece will be on style and THE PUFFY COAT (what else?). Or as I like to call it, the human sleeping bag. It'll be comin' at ya live on February 8th, but for now, here's a sneak peek.

If you've been anywhere above the Mason Dixon line in the past month, you know it's been FRIGID. Like bitter, icy, wind-slapping-you-in-the-face-so-you're-wearing-a-ski-mask-to-work, cold.

In order to survive these frozen temperatures, regular winter wear just doesn't cut it. As much as we want to look adorable in our favorite pea coat -- it just ain't gonna happen. That is, if you plan on keeping all your toes.

We know. Puffy coats are not attractive. But damn, are they necessary. Thus, I decided to write an a-typical fashion article, and take a look at ways to make this winter staple a bit more fun and funky.

So here's to you, penguin-puffer-people, may you waddle ever so stylishly throughout the rest of the winter.

In love and layers,

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  1. You make Puffer Jackets look damn good. Love it girl. And it is very necessary this time of year! Bring on the down baby.