Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to Host an Arm Party: Fashion Trending

Fashion Trend: Host an Arm Party #bsmart
Ok, stacked bracelets just make me think of summer. When i was at camp, all my friends and i would make like, 100, friendship bracelets, and stack them all the way up our arms. All the coolest chicks always had barely any arm space (maybe that was an indication of how many friends you had -- not sure). At the end of the summer, you'd have to cut off all your bracelets, and then the sadness would commence because that meant you were returning to school. And also you were without 100 bracelets.

Summer used to be a carefree time where countless semi-permanent bracelets were a totally acceptable thing. But who says that we can't let our carefree childhood camp days transition into our adult lives? I'm here to share with you a few ways to rock the arm party as an adult. 

1. Pair bigger pieces with smaller dainty ones. It's the whole balancing act. Too many big, bold bangles take away from highlighting one or two of the statement pieces in your arm party collection (plus excessive bangles can make your arm heavy, and you'll feel it during each trip to the keyboard...).

2. Pair like colors together (or use your friendly color wheel and find nice contrast). I like to go with a theme for my arm parties. Gold. Silver. Black and white. With these themes, I will mix it varying contract colors to give the party a little pizzazz. Think of your accent color as the cool aunt who always shows up in a red dress. 

3. Opt for a one or two patterns. Ok, we can't go pattern crazy. Go for solid colors, and then choose a patterned bangle to give texture to the overall look. Too many patterns can make it too busy.

4. Pair smaller pieces with a watch. I always wear a watch. I know, I know. There are these magical things called cellphones that tell us the time, but I feel totally naked if I don't have my watch. And yes, I still check the time there (call me a dinosaur). A fun way to add new life to your watch is to pair it with bracelets! Mix it in with the arm party and shake things up. If your watch has a bigger, bolder face, opt for some smaller bracelets before the watch, and perhaps layer on bigger bangles after the watch (I'm talking about before and after when it comes to arm order).

5. Be bold and go monochrome. If you're wearing a plain-colored dress, like white or navy, opt for a few bright bangles to make a statement look. Pair chunky and thin bangles of the same color (it'll end up looking like a cuff) to give your outfit a real pop!


Invite all your friends to the arm party this summer and rock on!

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