Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 Everyday Items that Double as Style Staples

As a gal on the go, I feel like I have to be prepared for anything, especially when living in a city like New York.

Today I bring you 5 everyday items that can double as style and beauty staples if you’re looking for how to improve your life. These items can be easily thrown in a purse and can be used for so many different things! Perfect for the gal on the go.

1. Multipurpose lip balm. Rosebud Salve is my go-to choice for lip balm. But you could also use Vaseline or Aquaphor for these purposes. I use it as a chap stick (it leaves your lips looking silky and smooth!), a hand moisturizer for those dry spots, and even to tame flyaway hairs or brows!

2. The safety pin. I never leave home without a safety pin! They can be used to replace a missing button, to tighten up a loose skirt, or perhaps my favorite use – to help you zip up a dress! No one around to help you zip up the back of your dress? Attach a safety pin to the zipper closure, tie to a string, and then pull up on the zipper to zip up the dress. Voila!

3. Dryer sheets. I keep these babies in my purse to tame frizzy hair or stray flyaways. I have naturally very wavy hair that often takes on a life of its own when there’s even a bit of humidity. Keep a few sheets in your purse and say goodbye to frizz!

4. Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a beautiful invention. As most gals know, second-day hair can often do wonders for styling. I love to use dry shampoo to give my hair more OOMPH, but more than anything I use it to add texture and volume. It works wonders!

5. Thin scarf. I love scarves. They add color and life to any outfit! A thin scarf can easily be thrown into a purse and can act as a shawl, headband, or belt. So many options, but takes up so little space!


A version of this article appeared on Just Sara Jane's column on bsmartguide.com