Thursday, April 30, 2015

Give Me Fever

Everybody's got the fever
That is something you all know
Fever isn't such a new thing
Fever started long ago
*Fever by Peggy Lee

A new app, Fever, is very similar to the sultry jazz song. Though Fever wasn't started long ago (2013, to be exact), soon enough, everyone will have Fever. 

Fever is a free, smart app that helps you make better plans. It finds you the best experiences and keeps you in the loop of what your favorite friends and tastemakers are up to today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

Fever recently reached out to me as a gallivanter of New York and surveyor of new cities, to take a look at their app and bring my thoughts to the readers of JustSaraJane, in anticipation of their app launching in London (today!). And here's my take - it's awesome! This lifestyle app uncovers personalized, premium lists of experiences in your city and takes a new approach to uncover tailored experiences. Unlike “event discovery” listing sites which display hundreds of events (sometimes making it hard to choose), Fever’s event suggestions are personalized just for you (knowing this gal... did someone say sample sale?!), and is based on what interests you and the people you care about.

To start building a profile on Fever, you are asked to pick “hashtags” of things you love to do. Categories for these “hashtags” include fashion, party, food, shopping, sports, culture, music and more. That said, you can only choose three hashtags at a time, which initially was a confusion to me, but I realize that you can consistently update your hashtags to populate the results. By then telling Fever your favorite things, the app is able to start pulling local experiences set for you, gives you the ability to RSVP and purchase tickets to any experience through the app.

So here's a scenario. I'm sitting at work with some coworkers deciding if we should do something after happy hour. I get on Fever, check out the #tastings hashtag for the day, and BAM, I see my foodie-friend John is going to a tasting in the west village. We all then book it for (say) $25, grab a cab, and are munching on crudités before you can say "that was easy." 

So, this post is dedicated to Fever and a most happy launch day in London (also, note, Fever just reached 1.5 million worldwide users). To my dearest London readers, go ahead and join in on the fun. And to my New Yorkers, do continue seeking fun (as I know you will).


**This post was not sponsored by Fever and I have no specific ties to the Company. 

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