Friday, November 11, 2016

More of Mona, please

I was told about Mona recently (a personal shopping app). I'm always a little hesitant to try new "custom" shopping apps - as I feel many are the same. They send you things they think you'll like, you leave feedback, etc, etc. But often I feel like I keep paying the styling fee for months, and don't end up with things I really like (true, it probably takes a while for the customization algorithm to go through but I also usually end up cancelling as I don't want to continue to pay fees for things I don't love).

Mona was different. From the second I started using it, I felt like it was customized to my style (not sure how they knew that but I'm not complaining...), had great options, and best of all... everything was priced incredibly affordably (Sam Edelman shoes for under $100? Sign me up!). The other cool thing about this app is it recommends 20 items it thinks you will like. With Mona also (different than Stitch Fix or others) you don't have to pay a personal styling fee (which I like as I can spend the same styling dollars on other treats - yay for clothing treats!). You're also able to create "missions" in Mona - and doesn't shopping often feel like a mission (can I get an Amen?!). But the missions are made easier by the options that Mona shares with you.

I set a mission for a pair of black boots (because a lady can never have enough of those...). As a New Yorker, my poor boots always take a beating during the winter, so it was time to refresh my foot wardrobe. I set up my mission, put in my price constraints, included my size and BAM - so many options to choose from (I almost felt like I had TOO many options!). It lets you scroll though easily and seamlessly, so you're not overwhelmed by hundreds of images at once. I decided on a pair of Nine West boots (I LOVEEEEE NW). Plus free shipping.

My boots arrived and I was super stoked. Chunky heel black (yay). I put them on excited to take on the world and alas... they didn't fit. BUT I'm glad I had the experience of having to return and replace because it showed me how great of a customer service department Mona has. They emailed me PERSONALLY every step of the way letting me know when my shoes were shipped, and even checking to make sure I received.

The process with Mona was totally seamless and truly awesome. As a gal who doesn't always have time to be schleppin' around New York stores, Mona will definitely become my new friend.


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