Wednesday, October 16, 2013

POP! goes the Rubi collection

Great style is about not only loving what you're wearing, but feeling comfortable and confident. Well Popbasic (my new obsession) does just that. And beautifully lays out the whole outfit for you. At a good price.

This new fashion subscription service releases a monthly micro collection - typically including a main garment, handbag and jewelry combo. The best part, the outfit will only cost you $75-$85 (much less than if you bought the same said items separately). 

Ms. Madeline Veenstra (brainchild/co-founder of the Popbasic phenom) was kind enough to have me design a set for their newest collection! The Rubi Collection includes a basic grey dress, leather belt, and a ruby-colored necklace. Great pieces that are very versatile! Check out how I styled one of the items with other pieces from my wardrobe, and be sure to visit the Rubi Collection in full, here

Bring a POP of color to your wardrobe today! 
xx sjb

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