Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rock Your Body!

Looking for ways to supercharge your body confidence? Check out my latest contributor article for fabulous fitness blogger Evann Clingan.

Evann's site focuses on health, fitness, and NYC life through cataloging experiences that offer readers ways to live a more fulfilling life. As fitness and body image are so closely connected, I was delighted when Evann invited me to share some thoughts on her site.

Enjoy! Article here, and below.

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Confidence shouldn’t come with a size chart. There are so many factors that can affect the way we see ourselves. I’m here to talk about positive ways that you can supercharge your body confidence.

Tip #1: Stop defining yourself by what clothing size you are.
The truth is we have to know our typical size in order to buy clothes (and take it from a gal who loves to shop). But the (often dreaded) size chart can have a big affect on a gal’s confidence. When going shopping, try to stop thinking, “oh I really should be more like a ‘size x,’” but rather take a few sizes into the fitting room and see what size looks best on your body. More often than not, women can fit into 3 or more sizes at any given weight.

Try this. Cut tags out of clothing or mark out sizes with a permanent marker. Wear whatever size makes you feel best in the outfit (a good tailor can be a gal’s best friend!).

Tip #2: Commit to an exercise that you enjoy!
Many studies have shown over time that physical activity is a far more important predictor of health than body size is. Exercise is clearly good for a healthy body, but endorphins are great for a healthy mind. But rather than dreading working out, try to get those important 30 minutes of cardio/day doing something you enjoy!

If you don’t like running, don’t do it just because you have to. Try a different exercise: Zumba, spin, dance, or even test out the latest fad workout (aqua spin, anyone?) Doing something that you enjoy, and feel that you are good at, can be a great way to boost your body confidence (take another look in the mirror!).

Tip #3: Remember how much your body does for you.

The human body is most incredible. Be kind to your body, and be gentle with yourself. Every body is different, and you need to listen to your own. That said, there are general guidelines that you can apply to your life. Make sure your body is getting the rest it needs (we know that 8 hours is a good benchmark). Eat a varied and balanced diet (one that makes you feel satisfied, and includes the various nutrients that you need). Spend some time getting your heart rate up each day (do something you love!). The more you love your body, the better you will feel!

Most importantly, your body uses only 17 muscles to smile (which sounds like a lot, but it takes 43 muscles to frown). And smiling is the ultimate key to confidence. 

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