Monday, November 11, 2013

Purple hat.

Dress: Calvin Klein // Sweater: 525 America // Boots: Ralph Lauren // Necklace: JCrew // Purse: Rebecca Minkoff
I almost feel like I'm in a relationship with this purple hat. I bought it last year (on clearance) before this type of hat was really in style. Since then, I have gotten more wear out of this guy that many of my items of clothing. Bad hair day? He's there. Strange cow lick? He's there. Want to hide on a rainy Sunday? Grab le purple hat!

The New York weather has been rather chilly, yet we have days where the sun peeks through and it's warm enough that we're not needing our enormous puffy jackets (just yet). 

I styles this outfit around my loyal purple hat, to create a cool and comfortable fall outfit. I reused a summer dress here, layered under an oversized sweater (you can find these in your Grandpa's closet, or a thrift shop - Macklemore shoutout!). This is my casual look for a Sunday brunch or window shopping in Soho. 

When you feel uninspired by an outfit, or just generally blue, I recommend going with your version of the purple hat, then adding a smile, and voila! It guarantees to spruce up any outfit. 

xx sjb

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  1. A hat does snazzy up any outfit. Love you in this one- that fedora's brim just frames your face well.